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Fight Began: 5th January 2015





If the BTC price DECREASED after Peter's last #Bitcoin tweet: Peter gets a point.

If the BTC price INCREASED after Peter's last #Bitcoin tweet. Bitcoin gets a point.

  • Peter @PeterSchiff . Tue Oct 19 18:41:58 +0000 2021

    The SEC's approval of a #Bitcoin futures ETF is another reason to abolish the #SEC. I have no objection to the ETF. My beef is that Bitcoin pumpers will now use the approval to sucker in more buyers based on the government's supposed endorsement of Bitcoin by approving the ETF.

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  • Peter @PeterSchiff . Tue Oct 19 14:54:44 +0000 2021

    @rahulsood No one know exactly how much #gold is yet to be discovered, but we know it's scarce. We also have a pretty good estimate of what's above ground. A gold ETF actually stores physical gold. A #Bitcoin ETF stores nothing.

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